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My main research interests include general relativity and quantum field theory and the results of their interaction. As such, I look at quantum field theory in curved spacetime, a widely accepted first-order approximation of quantum gravity from which interesting behaviour such as the Unruh effect and Hawking radiation can be extracted.

My current PhD research focuses on the former. More specifically how a theoretical particle detector can be used to probe the universe in novel ways not classically possible, along with how this measurement affects the fields which are being probed. I plan to adapt my work to look at a phenomenon known as entanglement harvesting, where quantum entanglement between two spacelike-separated particles can be 'harvested' from local interaction with an entangled background field.



2021 - Present
PhD in Mathematical Physics from the University of Nottingham. Supervised by Prof Jorma Louko and Prof Silke Weinfurtner
2020 - 2021
M.Sc in Gravity, Particles and Fields from the University of Nottingham
2017 - 2020
B.Sc in Theoretical Physics from the University of Nottingham