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During my studies, I specialised on quantum field theory, black hole physics, and modified theories of gravity. I decided to join the group investigating analogue gravity because I was intrigued by the prospect of realising and observing in the lab some of the most exciting predictions of modern theoretical physics.

I am currently working on the development of the black hole analogue in superfluid helium, with the goal of observing how some distinctive aspects of black holes in modified theory of gravity can find their way in the dynamics of this system.



2022 - Present
PhD in Mathematics at University of Nottingham, supervisors Silke Weinfurtner and Thomas Sotiriou
2020 - 2022
Master studies in Theoretical Physics, Cosmology and Fundamental Interactions at University of Trento (Trento, Italy)
2017 - 2020
Undegraduate studies in Physics at University of Salento (Lecce, Italy)
Foreign experience
Master thesis research at University of Nottingham, supervisor Thomas Sotiriou
Research intership at UNICAMP (Campinas, Brazil), supervisor Stefano de Leo


From the delay time in quantum mechanics to the Goos–Hänchen shift in opticsStefano De Leo, Leonardo Solidoro, The European Physical Journal Plus volume 137, Article number: 455 (2022)