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My research interests are focused on black hole physics, quantum field theory and their interplay. During my studies I deepened my knowledge about black hole quasinormal modes, in particular I worked with the WKB approximation to obtain insights about rotating black holes. Right now I am working on the superfluid helium experiment, designed to study these particular and interesting modes in analogue gravity systems.


Employment history
Highschool teacher of Mathematics at Leonardo da Vinci (Belluno, Italy)
2021 - Present
PhD studies at University of Nottingham, supervisor Silke Weinfurtner
2018 - 2020
Master’s studies at University of Trieste (Trieste, Italy)
2015 - 2018
Undergraduate studies at University of Trieste (Trieste, Italy)


Rotating curved spacetime signatures from a giant quantum vortexPatrik Švančara, Pietro Smaniotto, Leonardo Solidoro, James F. MacDonald, Sam Patrick, Ruth Gregory, Carlo F. Barenghi, Silke Weinfurtner, Nature