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My research is in the area of semi-classical gravity, that is, quantum field theory on a classical curved spacetime background. I am currently studying the local interactions of theoretical particle detectors with quantum fields with a view to eventually observing an analogue of the Unruh effect in the lab. My current aim is to understand some current analytic results more deeply by seeing how they generalise to arbitrary dimensions and along different trajectories. Another question I am interested in addressing is how long an experimentalist will have to run her experiment before she is able to see the Unruh effect.



Employment history
2016 - 2022
English Teacher in Hanoi, Vietnam
Since 2022
PhD student at the University of Nottingham, Supervisor Prof. Jorma Louko
2019 - 2020
MSc Theoretical Physics, King's College London
2014 - 2015
Year abroad, University of California, Santa Barbara
2012 - 2016
MPhys Theoretical Physics, University of Leeds
Awards and Prizes
Stoner Prize, highest classification average among Theoretical Physics students
highest achieving second year student in the school of Physics and Astronomy