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Before joining the Gravity Laboratory in Nottingham, I have been working on the classical dynamics of fluid flows governed by the Navier-Stokes equations, as well as emergent gauge fields in quantum simulators. Despite appearing disjunct, these two lines of study can overlap in environments such as superfluid 4He. During my PhD, I will be investigating rotating superfluid helium flows and draw connections with rotating black hole physics.


2021 - 2025
PhD Mathematical Physics, University of Nottingham, supervisor: Silke Weinfurtner
2020 - 2021
MASt Physics, Univeristy of Cambridge, supervisor: Nur Unal
2015 - 2020
MSci Mathematics and Physics, UCL, supervisor: Ted Johnson
4th Year Sessional Prize, UCL


The decay of Hill's vortex in a rotating flowMatthew N. Crowe, Cameron J.D. Kemp, Edward R. Johnson, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 919, A6