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My research interests revolve around quantum information in the context of analogue gravity and superfluid dynamics. My primary focus is developing methods and frameworks to measure information-related quantities in analogue systems. Such results will allow for experimental studies of extensions to area-law scaling and correlations in QFT on curved spacetimes as well as non-inertial frames.


Employment history
Summer Intern under Masud Haque and Roderich Moessner – Condensed Matter division at Max Plank Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden, Project title: Exceptional Dynamics and Perturbative Evolution in Liouvillian Spectra
Summer Intern under Moustafa Gharamti, University of Nottingham School pf Physics and Astronomy, Project title: Developing a Python Library and User Interface for Visualizing Differential Forms
PhD PhD in Mathematics, University of Nottingham, Supervisors: Prof Silke Weinfurtner and Prof. Jorma Louko
2019 - 2023
Msci Physics and Astronomy, University of Nottingham School pf Physics and Astronomy, Thesis title: Numerical Simulations of Intergalactic Gas During the Reionisation Era
Awards and Prizes
Salmon Prize (Highest average grade in the MSci programme)


DFORMPY: A Python Library for visualising and zooming on differential formsMoustafa Gharamti, Maciej Jarema, Samuel Kirwin-Jones