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Friday, the 16th of December 2022


Louise Emerson has worked at senior level in the Cultural Sector for over 25 years and set up her consultancy, Take the Current, in 2017. Louise helps cultural organisations focus, think differently, make difficult decisions and adapt. She specialises in all stages of strategic and business planning; including organisational refocus & change, income generation & fundraising, developing audiences and Board development. She is also an accredited Coach and an experienced workshop leader and started her career as an Electronics Engineer.

She has worked with a number of arts-science projects at the Natural History Museum e.g. Mark Dion: Systema Metropolis, looking at biodiversity in urban sites, Art shadowing science Nature 448 (2007) , The Ship; The Art of Climate Change involving a wide range of artists, as well as working with Wellcome sponsored projects at the Cheltenham Festivals between scientists / mathematicians and musicians.

She is a National Lottery Heritage Fund consultant, an accredited Coach and Mentor (senior level practitioner EMCC), a Help to Grow consultant and mentors with AMA, Universities or Warwick, Leeds & Kingston, and has an MBA.


10.00 AM -Arrival/refreshments in ArtLab

10.15 AM -Welcome from invited facilitator and round-table introductions

10.25 AM -Aims of the day outlined by facilitator

10.35 AM -Silke Weinfurthner - Quantum Simulator for Fundamental Physics Programme introduction (lay terms)

10.45 AM -Tour of departmental facility and 'bathtub' demonstration

11.45 AM -Lunch and Announcement (History & Vision) of new Initiative & Feedback from UoN Community

1.00 PM Session 1 -Clarifying the role of the artist

What an artist needs from the space/the academics to capitalise on this opportunity; what the realistic outcomes would be from 2 weeks research, ie proposal for exhibition. How can a shared language and shared communication be established - artist/academic.

Outcomes of the session:

  • Establish what the ArtLab and ultimately the Djanogly Gallery exhibition wants to achieve.

  • Establish the rules and the roles of the game - What works in an arts-science collaboration.

  • How much access could an artist have to the researchers?

  • What does it take to develop a shared language/understanding be developed

1.30 PM Session 2 -Ensuring successful co-creation processes

What is realistic to deliver on site; what needs to be delivered in an artist studio. What level of support would be required and what format might that take (working group/ongoing creative producer involvement etc); how could the residency be documented/shared with wider partnership in research programme.

Outcomes of the session:

In the event of artists being invited to deliver an element of the Djanogly Gallery exhibition, what is practical in the ArtLab – is it a suitable base for the artists to enable engagement and to explore ideas with the academics?

What is reasonable to expect from the artist in terms of 2-week residency.

Could this be what is the Role of the Creative Producer (answering what you have written) What level of engagement could Neil – as Creative Producer for the Djanogly Gallery – have with supporting the residency

3.00 PM -Tea/Coffee

3.15 PM Session 3 -Next steps and Thanks

Next steps for the project as a whole:

  • Time scale is 20 months for realisation of Djanogly Gallery Exhibition if Sep/Oct 2024 (18 months for ArtLab space?)

  • Confirming the budget/what it needs to include (Materials, Installation, Artist time, Marketing, Education aspects)

  • What funding is in place and what needs to be raised - timeline/cut offs

  • Approach to commissioning (call out, invitation, tender…. – pros and cons)

  • Key milestones

4.00 PM -Ends