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Thursday, the 15th of December 2022


Michael Hoch is an internationally established cross-disciplinary science-art-education specialist and innovator of novel ideas and concepts for promoting science topics via engagement and networking.

Michael studied Applied Science at the University of Technology and Teaching Profession at the University of Vienna, while engaging in the local art scene. 27 years ago Michael obtained a PhD in the design of gaseous detectors at European Organization for Nuclear Research, known as CERN, the largest particle physics laboratory in the world. He continued developing and assembling detectors at CERN as part of the ALICE and CMS collaborations until 12 years ago.

Since then he focused on the cross-disciplinary engagement creating a large variety of international projects. He is the founder of the art@CMS and the ORIGIN program.

Venue: Nottingham University, University Park, Physics and Astronomy building, Room B2


10.00 AM -Arrival/refreshments

10.15 AM -Welcome from Organizer

10.25 AM -Aims of the day outlined by Michael Hoch

‘How to create synergies and new opportunities via cross disciplinary science and art engagement and networking for all participating institutes’

10.45 AM -Quick Round Up, ongoing outreach activities of all Institutes and introductions

Introduction by Representatives of the seven QTFP projects: QSHS, AION, QTNM, DMQUEST, QSimFP, QI, QTFP .

11.00 AM -Quick Introductions by Representatives of the 7 QTFP projects:QSHS, AION, QTNM, DMQUEST, QSimFP, QI, QTFP .

11.10 AM -Quantum City Outreach Programme (Georgia Mortzou)

11.20 AM -ndustry Outreach / Quantum Hubs(Kai Bongs) (Ian Shipsey)

11.30 AM QTFP Engagement Proposal (Claudia Antolini)

11.40 AM National Quantum Technology (Sir Peter Knight)

11.50 AM Quantum Technology for Fundamental Physics (Ian Shipsey)

12.00 PM Lunch Break (in meeting room)

1.00 PM Facilitated Discussion Session 1

Aim of the session 1 and 2

  • Identification of opportunities

  • Realistic deliverables

  • Time frames for introduction and dissemination

Outcomes of session 1

  • Reasonable expectations that will benefit all seven projects

  • Identification of common strategy

  • Agreement of common statements and goals

2.00 PM Tour of QTFP Facilities in Nottingham:

  • ARTlab Nottingham

  • Black Hole Laboratory

  • QSimFP Laboratory

2.30 PM Coffee Break (in meeting room)

2.45 PM Facilitated Discussion Session 2

Outcomes of the session:

  • Approach to commissioning

  • Key Milestones

  • Joint Engagement Funding

4.45 PM Ends